Dale Hurley

Dale Hurley

Hi, I'm Dale Hurley, a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, and software developer with a strong focus on empowering businesses through technology. As the founder of Avenue Bank, Full.CX, Spotfillr and co-founder of CreditorWatch, I've dedicated over 15 years to the startup ecosystem, nurturing innovative ideas and helping them grow into successful ventures.

With a deep passion for software development, I relish the opportunity to create solutions that enable businesses to thrive. Outside of work, as I enjoy spending quality time with my family, running, and learning about new technologies.

Throughout my career, I've cultivated strong leadership and communication skills, enabling me to effectively manage teams, foster collaboration, and bring together diverse perspectives. These skills, combined with my technical expertise, have been instrumental in the success of my ventures.

Avenue Bank

Over the past five years, I've been dedicated to establishing Avenue Bank, a digital bank in Australia tailored to address the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Our innovative bank guarantee is designed with SMEs in mind, requiring only a partial deposit and ensuring speedy issuance, all within a digital platform. This approach streamlines the process, making it more efficient and accessible to a wider range of businesses.

Throughout this journey, I've delved deep into the banking industry, gaining extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, prudential standards, and best practices. I successfully raised capital, built and lead high-performance teams, and developed state-of-the-art digital technologies to support our customers.


From its inception in 2010 until 2018, I played an integral role in shaping CreditorWatch, a leading Australian credit management and reporting company. During my tenure, I led product development, technology, and innovation, steering the company toward success until its acquisition by InfoTrack in 2017.

As the leader of a diverse team of UX/UI designers, product owners, business analysts, testers, DevOps engineers, front-end and back-end developers, and IT support staff, I was responsible for managing and guiding their efforts in creating innovative and impactful products.

Throughout my time at CreditorWatch, I was committed to revolutionising the credit management by providing cutting-edge solutions that empowered businesses to make informed decisions and better manage their credit risk. I created and led the development of a number of products and services, including:

CreditorWatch: A SaaS solution offering credit reports, monitoring, ATB analysis, credit management tools and more services to help small and medium businesses manage their credit risk

CreditorWatch Express: On-demand credit reports for businesses

ApplyEasy: A SaaS solution for credit applications and credit checks

ASICExtracts: Volume-based ASIC extracts and tailored reports for professional services

PPSRLogic: An innovative SaaS solution for PPSR registrations and management

I spearheaded innovative SEO strategies, automated data processing, and integrated accounting solutions with Xero and MYOB, developed advanced credit collection tools, credit scores, and a name matching service to help identify ABNs/ACNs.

I focused heavily on user and customer experience, optimising customer onboarding and refining our products to better serve the needs of our clientele. This included the creation of unique products for banks and a specialised platform called DebtorLogic, which analysed aged trial balances to provide in-depth health reports on receivables.


Spotfillr is a side project I developed to revolutionise the way daycare centres manage and fill casual spots, while simplifying the booking process for parents. As a solo developer, I built the platform using Laravel, Vue.js, and TailwindCSS, and created the accompanying mobile app with Expo/React Native.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Onboarding: Spotfillr offers a fast and user-friendly onboarding process, enabling centres to quickly set up rooms, children, and custodians. This allows them to start inputting available spots efficiently.
  2. Mobile App for Parents: The Spotfillr mobile app allows parents to conveniently view and book available spots on-the-go, making it the perfect solution for those who need casual bookings due to unexpected schedule changes.
  3. Auto-Calculated Available Spots: Spotfillr automatically calculates available spots based on room ratios and maximum capacity, minimizing the risk of mistakes or errors in the booking process and ensuring smooth operation.
  4. Override Auto-Calculated Available Spots: For centres requiring greater control over available spots, Spotfillr provides the option to manually override auto-calculated spots, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to specific needs.
  5. Notifications Sent to Parents: When available spots are published, Spotfillr sends notifications to custodians, allowing them to quickly and easily book a spot for their child. This streamlined process keeps parents informed and helps centres fill unused spots.

Spotfillr is a game-changer for childcare centres looking to maximise revenue and minimise the impact of minimum room ratios. By offering an easy-to-use platform for managing and booking casual spots, Spotfillr helps centres boost profits and improve efficiency, while providing parents with a hassle-free booking experience.


My technical proficiency spans a wide range of technologies, including:

I strongly believe in leveraging the right tools for accelerated development and high-quality code. Some of my favorite tools include:

Currently, I'm exploring the potential technologies such as:

As a firm believer in technology's ability to transform lives and businesses, I'm continually excited to witness the impact of my work and look forward to future challenges and collaborations.

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